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Delivered By
Bro David Thomas
Delivered On
March 22, 2015 at 10:30 AM
Central Passage
Psalm 63:1-8

Part 3 of our series Deeper - Broken

Testimony by Teresa Matthews



I.  Broken is what God is looking for
Psalm  51:16
Broken moves us to a place of foriveness and favor.
II.  Broken is what we need 
Prov 29:23
Brokenness is an attitude of the heart that is completely submitted before the Lord. 
A broken heart will create an open heart - and God can work with that. 
III. Broken is what God will respond to
Psalm 34:18
Do we want the heart of forgivenss and the hand of favor we will need to be broken.
God will respond to the heart that is humbled, broken and laid open before Him.
IV.  Broken will bring us to a better place. 
Psalm 51:17
Broken takes us to a place to where we only look to God for help. 
When we throw ourselves on the mercy of God, He delights to lift us up. 
How does God respond to the broken:
Forgiveness, revives, revitalizes, restores
The doctrine of living a broken life before the Lord si a key to being a follower of Jesus. 
Tired of struggling, come unto Jesus